How to Clean Different Types Of Tiles?

Posted On May 24th, 2017

People have a lot of options to choose from when picking out tiles for their flooring. Many people pick tiles over hardwood or carpet. This is because tiles are easier to clean. They are also relatively low maintenance. Tiles come in several colours and textures. Each tile is created with different materials. This leads people to wonder about the differences and how to handle each kind. They may be thinking about finding out which tile would work best in which room.

The kind of materials used and method of creation determines the characteristics of tiles.

Following information is about some popular kinds of tiles and how to maintain them.

Ceramic Tiles

This is one of the most used tiles nowadays. It is made with clay materials. Once it is ready, the clay is then formed into a mould. There is a non-porcelain ceramic tile and a Porcelain Ceramic Tile. Traditionally, non-porcelain ceramic tiles are used. It is both economical and durable.

However, porcelain is more resistant to stains. To clean Ceramic floors, sweep and vacuum it a few times a week. Then mop with hot water. You should have it professionally cleaned twice a year to discourage grout.

Natural Stone Tile

Some people prefer natural stone over ceramic due to more variety and colours available. These tiles come from natural material. Some categories are:


It is a dense and hard stone. It is very scratch and damage resistant. It is a good option for a room with high foot traffic. These surfaces stain easily. So it is important to clean up spills as soon as possible. Beware to not spill any acidic liquid. If you do, blot it instead of wiping it. Clean with water and some dish washing soap.


It is lesser used compared to granite. It also has lots of variety with beautiful colours. But the problem is that marble is a porous rock. It absorbs liquid quicker than granite. It is not recommended to be used in high foot traffic areas or kitchens. It also requires be honing and sealing. To clean stains, use dish washing soap with cold water. Do not scrub in circles. Clean in the direction of the grain in straight lines. Don’t let marble dry naturally as that can cause water marks.

Melbourne Tiling Ceramic


This comes from a limestone and has a crystallised appearance. It is a soft and porous stone. It also has natural divots in it which makes it hard to polish until divots are filled. It requires sealing and is scratched easily. It is recommended to not be used in areas with heavy foot traffic. Clean with a dry dust mop regularly. Once a week, use a specially formulated cleaning agent with hot water.

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