How To Fix A Leaking Tiled Balcony?

Posted On January 12th, 2022

Leaking balcony tiles can not only be a real nuisance if left unrepaired, but it can also cause costly problems. Balcony Tiling in Melbourne can be a tricky job if not done right, and it can cause leakage, leading you to get it fixed from time to time.

Our team at Pro Tiling Melbourne has designed a process for leaking balcony repairs without removing the tiles, which has been used widely for many years with a huge success rate.

Porous tiles and grout, loose and cracked tiles, and building movement creating cracking in joints are some of the reasons balconies start leaking. Others just get old and require a makeover and reseal. Our professionals will never try to solve the problem over the phone for the mentioned reasons. Instead, a technician will come to your residence and give you a free report outlining the perfect solution to fix your leaking Balcony tiles.

We not only repair the damage but we also clean and rejuvenate the look of your balcony tiles. Our expert Balcony Tiling Melbourne team gives your recreational area a makeover that suits your needs and goes with the look of your residence.

Balcony Tiling in Melbourne

How Do We Fix Balcony Tile Leakage Problems?

It is obvious that Balcony tiling repairs are not an ordinary man’s job. You need an expert to do it. So, here’s how we fix a leaking tiled balcony quickly and efficiently:

  • Close Inspection: When we examine a balcony, we look for the cracks, plus we do a flood test and an impact test to check for loose and wobbly tiles.
  • Pressure Clean Tiles & Grout: We clean the Balcony Tiles and grout properly so that you can have a clean workspace and impurities won’t impact our repair procedure.
  • Remove Defective Grout: In many cases, we extract all the grout and replace it with a robust epoxy grout that is 100% non-pervious to water or any other liquid.
  • Lay Flexible Polymer Seal: A flexible, high-quality polymer seal is applied to the Balcony’s perimeter to avoid dampness in that area. So in the future, you can clean your patio effortlessly, without having to worry about the leakage for a longer period of time.
  • Apply Double Coat Of Premium Sealer: In the end, if your tiles are porous, we spread two coats of a premium exterior sharp sealer leaving the sundeck not only leak free but also rejuvenated.

What Should I Clean My Balcony With?

Using incorrect cleaning products can actually cause more issues than they fix. This is why you should seek professional advice before shopping for cleaning products for your Balcony. Different tiles need different cleaning products, so you should consult an expert on some excellent cleaning advice. The team of Pro Tiling Melbourne will be more than happy to help you with the same.
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