How To Make A Small Kitchen Or Bathroom Space Feel Bigger With Tiles?

Posted On June 6th, 2019

Talk to any Melbourne Tilers and they will tell you that making a space in your homes such as a small kitchen or bathroom feel bigger can have many benefits. It can help space feel less stuffy, more relaxing and ‘breathable’.

After all, your kitchen or bathroom are spaces you use every day and so subtle changes for the better can have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

One great way you can make a space seem bigger is through kitchen tiling and bathroom tiling.

Pro Tiling Melbourne – your Premium Melbourne Tilers, have put together some useful tips to help you make your small kitchen or bathroom feel bigger with the right tiles.

Bathroom Tiling

Give the Illusion of Big with Large Tiles 

The smaller the tile, the more grout lines, and details there will be on your floor and ultimately look busier and more cluttered.

And so, the less there is to draw your eye, the more there will be a sense of spaciousness in your bathroom or kitchen. Expert Floor Tilers Pro Tiling Melbourne has a range of large format tiles and can provide you with the right Bathroom Tiling or Kitchen Tiling you require to bring the illusion of a big space.

Use Matching or Complimentary Grout Colours

Your Kitchen or Bathroom Tiling might be simple, but can you create an even better sense of uniformity through matching or complimentary grout colours. This will bring a feeling of seamlessness and thus make your small bathroom or kitchen feel bigger.

Using Pale Shades and Colours for Your Kitchen Tiling and Bathroom Tiling

Paler tones can bring a sense of freshness and visually open up your kitchen or bathroom. They are marvelous for softly spreading light and help make lines and corners to be more seamless. Bring this affect a step further by adding a glossy finish to your tiles.

Simplicity Is Key – Use a Simple Colour Palette for Your Tiles

Decluttering not only comes from decreasing details such as lines but through a simple colour palette as well.

A simple colour palette draws less attention to itself and if you can make your bathroom or kitchen tiles match or compliment the rest of the space – such as its walls, furniture or cabinets than you can increase the illusion of a bigger space even more.

Use Simple Designs for your Tiles

It may sound obvious, but the more detail there is within your tiles, the more there will be a sense of space being filled. This means a lack of symbols or ornamentation on your tiles.

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