Tile Your Way To An Elegant Bathroom

Posted On August 17th, 2017

When it comes to home renovations or remodeling, bathrooms are often ignored. Various reasons lead up to this, one being that the space is too small to be renovated creatively and according to your likes. And then the time spent in bathrooms isn’t really a major part of the day. For some, the budget starts to deplete by the team they reach the bathroom.

But renovation doesn’t have to stop at the bathroom’s door. You can add a personal touch and weave your bathroom into a stylish and attractive one, where you won’t mind spending a few extra minutes. Ahem, partner showers are fun!

At “Pro Tiling Melbourne“, we have worked for years Tiling Bathrooms. We decided to gather some advice from our experts to help you make your bathroom into a much more elegant space.

Tile Your Way To An Elegant Bathroom

Match Walls and Floors

Even though common belief for Tiling Bathrooms is to contrast between the walls and floors, matching them is even better! Same colour means that there are no partitioning between your walls and floors. This can make a small space seem somewhat larger than it is. Going for lighter colours can actually even increase that effect.

If you’re looking to add colour, you can do this with the use of bathroom accessories or by working on other things like the vanity, tub or the shower wall. If you already have a spacious bathroom, go crazy with different colours and run wild with your imagination, making it as artistic as you want to.

Choose Colours Wisely or Maybe Don’t!

At the time of remodeling everyone wants to add a little colour to their interiors, bathrooms are no exception. That being said, it might not be a very good idea in the long run. When you are renovating a bathroom, try to pick tile of colours that stays in fashion for years to come, with lighter hues.

If you’re still interested in adding color, you can do so with coloured cabinets, a fancy mirror frame and bathroom accessories with a punch of colour to add some life to your bathroom.

Hire Experts and Let Them Do Their Job!

Okay, if you are someone who’s just bought her new home and is planning to experiment, go Pinterest-crazy. But, if you want to keep your house “relevant” for a longer period of time and know that you won’t be able to give a complete colour overhaul to it for years to come, the best way is to probably be a little conservative. Focus on things that will last longer like the tiling and postpone spending on accessories for afterwards.

The most efficient way of remodelling a bathroom is to restart. That means gutting it all over and then re-tiling it again. That being said, it’s not something you can do on your own so the best way is to hire a team of Tilers. Since they do this for a living, so there will be a lot of extra detail with their work that you would have missed on your own. This leaves less room for mistakes.

Make sure you choose the perfect team to do this for you. Pro Tiling Melbourne is one of the best at ‘Bathroom Tiling’ projects in Melbourne. To hire us, you can call at 0450 516 537.

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