Top Tips for Successful Tile Renovation

Posted On May 16th, 2018

After the herculean task of picking the best tiles, here are some tips to keep in mind prior to Tile Renovation.

• Estimate your budget:

Usually floor area is smaller as compared to wall area and for the same reason, opt for cost-effective solutions. Ideally, floor tiles need to be of a superior quality. Classic tiles work well for bathrooms and can be chosen to suit modern or traditional tastes. Be budget conscious to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

• Suitable lighting:

Real life light effect can be quite different for a well-lit showroom as compared to regular bathrooms which may have a mix of natural and artificial light. The type of lighting has a huge impact on the appearance of the tile. To avoid disappointments, bring a tile sample to cross check with the space you plan to renovate. Imagine how the finished work will look like and consult designers or technicians to get a better idea. Pro Tiling has experts who can guide you at every step starting from initial stages of tile renovation to its completion.

Tile Resurfacing & renovation Melbourne

• Complement the colour scheme and your lifestyle:

Make sure that the tiles you pick for renovation matches with all other fittings in the room and complements the overall colour scheme. The tiles should be functional for that space and also add visual appeal. Focus on the area you want to highlight.

• Choose a reliable tiling contractor:

Tile renovation needs professional accuracy and perfect finish, to get best results. Tiles which are poorly renovated fail to impress and hence this work should be done by experienced and skilled technicians who offer high quality of service. Pro Tiling has a history of good work and is a trusted name in this field. Planning, accurate cutting and neat filling of grout joints are essential for tile renovation.

• Perfect grouting:

Once your tiles are ready, communicate to your tiler about your desired grout colour for that room. Sometimes grouts can be a unique feature of the tile design, it could blend with the tile or have a neutral effect. Decide on the look you want in the end.

• Tile sealing as a part of renovation:

Keep in mind that unglazed tiles and tiling from natural stone needs sealing. It facilitates easy cleaning and offers moisture resistance and stain resistance especially in wet areas: Resealing is a common process during tile renovation, to eliminate the worn out look of old tiles.
• Ask about cleaning and how to maintain the renovated tile. Certain cleaning products cannot be used on specific type of tiles. For instance, products with acid content is not recommended for usage on concrete tiles. Harsh chemical products should not be used on natural stone. Avoid damage to renovated tiles by following the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures.

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