How To Update Your Kitchen Tiles Without Removing Them?

Posted On November 9th, 2021

Taking the old tiles off and installing new ones in your kitchen can be a tedious process. Plus, think about the overhead expenses you need to bear as your kitchen would be off-limits for however many days the process takes. But what if we tell you that there’s a way to update kitchen tiles without removing them, you will take up on the offer, right?

It is pretty effortless to let go of the hold tiles without having to start from scratch. Also, it saves up a lot of your time!

Update Kitchen Tiles Without Removing Them

Kitchen Tiling

What Goes Into Kitchen Tiling?

There are several backlashes that people receive who are in the process of Kitchen Tiling/Remodeling. At times, getting things done from the beginning can seem feasible, but it turns out difficult for those actually doing it. One needs to be really affirmative about what they want and what fits their budget. Different panels will have the installation done correctly. If you get on a call with the designers, they may tell you the same thing.

Now, there are several ways where the updating and revamping of the house are possible at minimal cost without causing much damage to the present walls and the structure of the kitchen. Kitchen tiling are at the forefront of the ambience; hence it is essential to update them from time to time. They are a bit different and trickier to change as compared to the bathroom tiles. While picking the best possible tiles that suit your kitchen, going for the ceramic tiles is pretty convenient. They don’t wear away easily and stick to the panels for years, unlike other materials. This article will guide you about in what ways you can update your kitchen tiles without removing them.

Use Decorative Panels: This update will keep the nuisance to its minimum. If there is a substantial need to cover the rough area of the kitchen tiles, you can go for this option. Using Decorative Panels is a suitable option for several reasons. It will give a unique effect of the 3D panel system that will provide a different outlook to your kitchen.

Use Of Concrete: The cupboards can be accompanied by a coating of the concrete and stone panels collectively. On the other hand, the brick tablets are highly resilient to the wooden touch, which are again available in various patterns to suit your personality.

Use Sticker Tiles: Stick on Tiles are easily detachable and come in a pack of a wide variety of colours and sizes. They don’t get worn out very quickly but are easily removable if and when you need to update them. It is ideal for replacing the already cracked tiles. For some reason, even if one wants to remove it, such tiles leave no subdue behind it.

Rug-Novate Your Kitchen: Putting pieces of rugs or runners over the damaged area of your kitchen can be beneficial for you and will keep your tiles protected and covered from further damage. Plus, it will also add to your kitchen’s style quotient. If you choose the right colour for the rugs, it can go along with the theme of the rest of your kitchen. The only drawback is that it will need replacement very quickly.

Getting Hold Of The Right Grout

The chief reason why people want an update in the kitchen is because of dirty grout. If one gets the hang of them, then the old tiles will look like new ones. The dirt and grease marks on the tiles can be removed with some methods, but if you feel that the grout colour is not working out for you anymore, you can always have the tiles replaced or use the stick-ons!

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