What are the Best Tiles to Use in your Bathroom these Days?

Posted On March 28th, 2019

Add S(tile) to your Tiles. Let us show you how. Pro Tiling Melbourne leads Melbourne when it comes to Tiles. Using them in new and more creative ways.

10 years’ experience has shown us what the right Tiles can do to a mood in a home. Lift its mood, considerably.

Everyone is creative. Our clients, most of all. So, we listen to their ideas on Tiles and Interior Design carefully. Realising our role is to bring them creatively to life.


A Tiling Service that is professional, competent and efficient

Few skills are more in demand than professionalism. This is true whether we are talking the Tiling or any other industry.

Pro Tiling Melbourne understands what the standards of Interior Designers, Architects, and Clients in Melbourne are.

High, in a word.

As people who provide Professional Tiling Services, we understand the expectations of our clients and ensure we deliver to them.

What are the Best Tiles to Use in your Bathroom these Days?


A good brief is a clear brief – when it comes to Tiling Services

So, at Pro Tiling Melbourne, we take great care to invest our time in LISTENING before we commence a Tiling or Re-Tiling job for an architect, interior designer or client managing their own Home Renovation


Key Tiling Services we offer:


S(tile) is what it’s all about

We get that at Pro Tiling Melbourne as we talk to our clients who are Architects, Interior Designers, and Home Renovators a lot.

We experiment with new materials and designs such as Glass, Ceramic, Terracotta, Marble, Granite, Mosaic and Stone.


When we work with the best, we know our work must cut it

That’s why we invest so much time into our craft which is Tiling Services which we deliver to clients across Melbourne’s CBD, inner and outer suburbs.


If you have a need for Tiling Services, are an Architect, Interior Designer or Home Renovator – do get in touch

We’ll be more than happy to sit with you, understand your creative ideas and explore how we can bring them to life using glass, ceramic, terracotta and more for you.

You can speak to one of our Competent Tiling Professionals on 0450 516 537.

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