How to fix the cracked floor tile without replacing it?

Posted On July 18th, 2022

Cracked floor tiles not only look bad, but they also leave a gap that could allow moisture to seep into the subfloor. For example, water may drip from behind a damaged wall tile in a shower or bathtub. It would help if you fixed fractured tiles as soon as possible to lower the danger of water damage, especially in humid places like the bathroom. 

This document explains how to restore broken tiles. A hairline crack may get repaired, but if the break is more substantial, the damaged tile can replace and remove by a floor tile specialist.

Here’s 3 Tips to fix the cracked floor tile without replacing


1.Using epoxy, you can repair cracked tiles.

With a bit of epoxy and paint, tiny cracks can get mended. Clean the broken tile and the surrounding area as you figure out how to cure cracked tile.

  • -Debris from the crack should be removed, and tile cleaning or dish detergent should be used to eliminate dirt and oil.
  • -Use a transparent epoxy. Follow the manufacturer’s mixing directions, if any.
  • -Directly inject the epoxy into the split. Use a toothpick for a hairline crack and a craft stick for a broader crack.
  • -To level the epoxy, run the flat side of a craft stick across the fissure.
  • -Let it dry completely. The time required for drying can change and range from a few hours to more than a day. For particular dry times, refer to the product’s instructions.
  • -Apply urethane sealant using a brush to keep the painted area from peeling. Let it dry completely.


2.Take out the cracked tile.

  • -You might need to learn how to replace a damaged tile if the break is too large to repair using epoxy. A tile replacement is a simple procedure.
  • -Use a handheld grout saw to remove the grout from the fractured tile’s edge and guard against harming nearby tiles.
  • -Cover the broken tile with a drop towel once thoroughly cleaning the grout from around it.
  • -Tap the fractured tile firmly with a hammer to shatter it into smaller pieces.


3.Apply grout around new tiles.

  • -Use pre-mixed grout for modest jobs like fixing a broken tile.
  • -Utilizing a grout float, work the grout into the seam. Then, instead of following the gaps between the tiles, run the grout float diagonally across the seam to prevent pulling the grout out.
  • -Use a wet sponge on the tile’s surface to remove any remaining grout after about 15 minutes.
  • -For 24 hours, don’t apply any pressure on the newly installed tile.
  • -Use a grout sealant when the grout is completely dry to stop water damage and future staining.


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