Tile Restoration

Protiling, Melbourne offers specialised services in Tile Restoration, sealing, grouting and all types of tiling works. Our services are available for commercial and residential spaces. Even if your existing tile flooring is extremely dirty, discoloured, damaged, broken or stained, our tile restoration services will renew the appearance of your tile saving you the cost of tile replacement. Our highly experienced team is professional, skilled and have adequate knowledge to complete any kind of tiling works with absolute perfection and accuracy.

Tile Restoration

Melbourne Tile Restoration

Some of our services include:

The products we use vary and depend upon the area that needs to be covered. We are committed to using premium products and apply modern techniques to tackle the most stubborn stains and other tile damages.

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Tile Cleaning and Grouting Experts

In order to clean grouts, it is essential to use special industrial equipment and effective cleaning products. With the appropriate high-pressure cleaning tools and good quality cleaning solutions, you get the desired clean look in no time. The high-pressure cleaning service is guaranteed to bring out the best results when it comes to Tile Cleaning and leaves a professional touch every time. Our cleaning products adhere to international standards and are environmentally safe, child and pet safe.

Tile Stripping and Sealing

We remove old sealants, clean, strip and scrub tiles, eliminate residues and restore the fresh and clean look of the floor. It is also important to seal and grout your tiles, to minimize future staining of your tiles. Tile Sealing aims to create a temporary barrier that reduces stain damage. This gives you time prior to removing the stained tile.

The grout has a tendency to quickly get stained or crumble, leaving the floor with a stained and discoloured appearance. Tiles can look dull due to such stains. Our experts re-grout the tile and make them appear new, clean and well-maintained. Re-grouting is a cost-effective solution as compared to replacing the tiles of the entire wall and floor. Re-grouting can be done on all kinds of tiles including living rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, balconies and patios.

Tile Repairs

We  replace or repair any broken, damaged, loose, discoloured or cracked tiles. These services are applicable for Office Buildings, residences, hospitals and health care centres, sports centres, prisons and jails, fitness and spa centres, military and government buildings and many more.

Our Tile Restoration services are available for various tile surfaces including but not limited to porcelain, terracotta, mosaic, ceramic glazed or unglazed, Granite, Stone, Quarry, Sandstone, Limestone, Terrazzo, Marble, Travertine, Bluestone, Slate, Concrete, Glass Tiles and Metal Tiles. We understand the restoration requirements based on the needs of the client and undertake work accordingly. For instance, Domestic Tiles tend to get stained more often in the kitchen and bathroom whereas office tiles tend to get stained in high-traffic zones. Protiling, Melbourne is your trusted tiling service partner in dealing with all your tile problems and offers cost-effective and durable solutions for the same.

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