Grouting and Re-grouting

Tile Re-grouting is a cost-effective process that will eliminate Tile Replacement costs and improve the overall appearance of the tiled area. So if your tiles are discoloured, opt for re-grouting instead of Tile Replacement. At Protiling, Melbourne,we provide the best in Tile Cleaning and Tile Restoration services. Your grout joints and tile surface may get permanently damaged if neglected for long periods of time. It is essential for the cleaning process to be thorough prior to grouting procedure. We have professionally trained staff for cleaning and grouting.

Grouting and Re-grouting

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Tiles are the first thing people will notice when they enter or leave your place, hence it is important to maintain tiles in excellent condition and increase the aesthetic value of the whole premise. At Protiling, we use state-of -the art machinery and premium quality cleaning products for best results. If you are looking for the best grouting and re-grouting service in Melbourne, call us. Our adjustable and advanced machinery can do low-pressure as well as high-pressure cleaning based on the nature of stain or discoloration. Various cleaning solutions, pressures of water and temperatures are required for tiles depending upon its type.

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Our grout and re-grouting procedure focuses on precision and top class service. We strive to achieve complete satisfaction with each grouting project that we undertake.

Re-grouting Office & Home Tiles

Re-grouting is required when the old grout is worn out or damaged. It is essential to replenish it with new grout in this case. If left untreated, damaged grouts can cause problems like saturation of water in the corner joints and splits and further damage to wooden material in the surrounding areas as well as the floor. Treating such problems in its early stage is the ideal way to prevent costly repairs in the future. Consult Protiling to know about your re-grouting options and pick one that is suitable for you.

Firstly, all the silicone sealers in the affected area are removed and that includes the shower screen. Using advanced and modern equipment, the grout is extracted from that area. Next step is to treat the dividers to eliminate mould spores or other germs existing in the tiles. Finally, re-grouting of tiles is done using a fresh grout that is sterilized with mould inhibitor and sealant. Lastly, the silicone sealers with mould inhibitors are reconnected to the shower screens.

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