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We offer a wide range of tile waterproofing solutions to suit the floors, rooftops, bathrooms, balconies, courtyards, terraces, laundries, box gutters, brick walls, planter boxes, Dincel walls, swimming pools, and lift shafts throughout Melbourne. Our waterproofing membrane is robust, flexible, tear-resistant, and flexible to take any shape when it is laid over. It can turn up and stretch over walls and other construction features. The layering can be exposed to the sun and can still remain stable in all weather conditions.

There can be several reasons why you need waterproofing in your home. The common ones include improper and older construction, cracks, continued exposure to water, and so on. Whatever may be the reason, we ensure that you receive the most satisfactory services that resolve all your tile-related issues. The two types of waterproofing membrane are used based on whether it is new construction or an existing building.

1. Sheet-Based Tile Waterproofing

This type of layering and waterproofing solution is available in the shape of rolls and sheets. We stick the membrane to the tiles with the help of a hot adhesive using blowtorches. The joints between sheets are crucial and must be laid out perfectly to dodge gaps and leaks. These sheets are factory-produced, branded and of superior quality.

2. Liquid-Based Waterproofing Membranes

As the name implies, these layers are in the form of liquid, which can be sprayed or brush-applied on the surface. The thickness of the Tile Waterproofing is controlled by applying more or less fluid chemicals per unit area. As this is hassle-free, they are considered superior in providing the right consistency and sealing.

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Pro Tiling Melbourne has several years of experience in providing waterproofing solutions that will not tear and have high resilience. With a licensed and experienced waterproofing unit, we ensure that the assignment is completed safely and efficiently. In addition, we have delivered seamless waterproofing services to various business, commercial and domestic projects across Melbourne, Australia.

Why Your House Needs Tile Waterproofing?

Every shower, bathroom, or balcony in your home requires waterproofing to eliminate runoff or leakages. It can increase your tiles’ life and make them look attractive for several years. Waterproofing the tiles also saves them from moulds, mildews, and dirt, protecting you and the members of your home from several diseases.

Hence, we offer our waterproofing services in Melbourne, including various insulation solutions to assist you in maintaining dryness within your damp rooms. It also ensures that your floors’ standard is maintained over time. Whether you are seeking to waterproof your newly built open plan bathroom or looking to modify your existing waterproofing system of a classic bathroom, we have the resources available that can help you bring your vision to life.

What Is The Process Of Waterproofing?

The Tile Waterproofing process involves laying down numerous layers to create an impenetrable water barrier. This is known as the tanking process, and it seals off a particular space to restrict water from penetrating. According to Melbourne’s building regulation standards, it is a mandate for all houses and buildings up to the 2nd floor to have waterproofed bathrooms and showers. In addition, our team of licensed professionals will determine the amount of proofing required in your house to ensure that adequate protection is in place.

The two most standard sealing methods are:

1. Covering the area by a membrane

2. Or layering.

Waterproofing membranes are thick rubberised covers that maintain their strength over the years. The nature of these membranes makes them highly functional in shielding surfaces from water penetration, whereas layering involves applying a protective liquidated cover over your wet surface.

The process begins with the measurement of the areas that need to be waterproofed, and it requires consultation from one of our skilled tile contractors, who will measure each space and prepare membrane materials to suit your needs.

This is followed by rendering and sealing the cover onto the relevant floors and ceilings, ensuring that all exposed floors are thoroughly covered. The newly sealed space is then exposed to a water flow to ensure that there are no leakages. Once that process is complete, your tiles will be waterproofed for a very long time. Your tiles can be arranged to suit any design or space, and there is an unlimited variety of choices for tiles and styles that you can choose for your area.

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Our experienced team will ensure that your waterproofing is of the highest standard to avoid future leaks or unnecessary repairs. Pro Tiling Melbourne will provide you with a space that will maintain its functionality over the years. In addition, we offer durable and reasonable solutions for all your tiling, waterproofing and sealing needs. Whether you are constructing a new home or undergoing a remodelling project, it is essential to have experienced professionals complete all your waterproofing tasks.

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