Commercial Tiling

At Protiling, we provide the best in Commercial Tiling to offices in Melbourne. We have expertise in all kinds of Commercial Tiling starting from basic tiling to complex and latest Commercial Tiling techniques. We extend our tiling service to include wide range of surfaces like Porcelain, Ceramic, Terracotta, Granite, Marble, Stone, Mosaic, Limestone, Sandstone, Quarry, Terrazzo, Glass, Metal and Natural Stone among others.

Commercial Tiling

Commercial Tiling Services

Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Professional excellence is a must for technicians who perform Tile cleaning and Sealing. Tile Cleaning is a process wherein the stubborn stain and discoloration from tiles are removed, tiles are scrubbed, cleaned and polished to give their best look. Deep cleaning ensures durability of tiles and perfect appearance in the years to come. Protiling, Melbourne provides excellent Tile Cleaning services at affordable rates and top quality. Tile Sealing is the next most important step in Tile Restoration. State-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology are used for this to get professional results. After our Tile Cleaning and Sealing procedures, tiles will be great condition and require minimal maintenance in the future. The key is to provide long lasting tiles that look great.

Tile Re -grouting and Grout recoloring

Tile Re-grouting is an excellent option to restore old tiles. It is possible to re-grout broken, damaged, stained or chipped tiles. With passing time, it is imperative that dust and grime accumulate on the tiles and cause their discoloration. Grout re -coloring helps to restore the tiles and gives them a brand new look. It is more cost-effective than Tile Repair, Tile Replacing or Re-Grouting. This also enhances the life span of the grout and protects tiles from dust and grime accumulation in the future.

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Commercial Tiling Melbourne

We undertake all kinds of Tiling services for Commercial and Residential spaces, irrespective of the size or area to be covered. We understand the importance of having a good flooring and we strive to enhance the aesthetic appearance of offices with our innovative tiling technology and unbeatable designs.

We acknowledge the fact that Commercial Tiling is a big investment and needs to be done accurately the very first time, with no room for mistakes. We train our staff exclusively to get professional results. Armed with expertise and years of experience, we are a leading brand of tiling service providers in Melbourne.

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