Swimming Pool Tiling Melbourne

It isn’t easy to envision a pool without tiles. The proper swimming pool tiling may take your design to the next level, whether you’re striving for a minimalist-meets-industrial appearance or an over-the-top tropical sanctuary. However, the beautiful pool tiling Melbourne has more to it than meets the eye. Tile not only adds a splash of colour or a unique, eye-catching pattern to your pool, but it also protects the finish, especially near the waterline, where stains and mineral buildup can cause maintenance issues.

Of course, there are many options when it comes to pool tile: Are you looking for concrete, ceramic tiles or a mosaic of small glass tiles? Do you desire a trendy pool tile or a more conventional pool tile? Is price a consideration? What Size pool tile most appeals to you?

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Choosing Pool Tiles based on Size

When it comes to pool tile, the Size of the tile is a vital issue to consider. Larger tiles are less expensive, and they’re a good choice if you want to highlight a tile with a unique pattern or texture. Although smaller mosaic tiles are more expensive, many pool owners believe the dramatic effect is well worth the money.

Here’s a rundown of the most common pool tile sizes from National Pool Tile (NPT):

This popular option is the largest pool tile’s “regular” sizes. It’s also one of the most popular sizes for swimming pool tile, available in various materials like ceramic, stone-look, and porcelain. Professional assistance is required for proper tile installation.

This somewhat smaller version is also a terrific option, with tons of great colours, textures, and patterns to suit any design sensibility.

You can’t go wrong with 2″ x 2″ swimming pool tiles that are durable, cheap ceramic or porcelain if you’re searching for an excellent, budget-friendly solution. Make it essential with a solid colour or more enjoyable with patterns and iridescent colours.

Small mosaic tile is ideal for adding drama to your swimming pool, and there are a variety of hues to pick. Because most 1″ by 1″ tiles are constructed of Glass, your pool tile will survive for years.

Pool Tile Selection by Material

The type of pool tile you choose impacts both the beauty and the cost of your Pool Tiling Melbourne. You can choose from a variety of tiles, including tried-and-true classics like porcelain and ceramic, as well as eye-catching glass mosaic tiles. Your ideas and finances are the only constraints.

You can’t go wrong with porcelain or ceramic if you want to get the most bang for your swimming pool tile budget. Both tiles are inexpensive, long-lasting, and come in various sizes and colours, ranging from basic blue pool tile to modern designs and textures. They’re also scratch-resistant and easy to clean, so they’ll last for a long time.

If you want something more subtle and rustic, stone-look tiles are a great choice. Stone-look tiles come in several neutral hues, much like actual stone, and today’s stone-look tiles have all of the distinctive textures and unusual shapes that natural stone has. Stone-look tile is also a lot easier to keep clean than actual stone. It’s less porous, so algae and mildew don’t thrive on it. And, unlike natural stone, you won’t have to bother about sealing it.

Glass pool tile is unrivalled in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. Glass pool tile isn’t porous like stone, ceramic, or porcelain pool tile, so you won’t have to worry about algae, mildew, or stains. Glass is, of course, one of the more expensive Pool Tiling Melbourne options, so it’s not the best option for pool owners on a budget. However, if you don’t mind spending a little more, you’ll discover that the added beauty and durability are well worth the extra cost.

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