Tile Resurfacing

At Protiling, Melbourne we are experts at Tile Resurfacing or Tile Refinishing. This process is also termed as tile re-glazing. We have experienced technicians who will transform the old and worn out look of your bathroom wall or floor tiles without doing the common fix of messy tile replacements. We understand that it can be quite inconvenient for customers in terms of disruption of daily activities as well as time consumption, if we rip out the tiles and replace them. To avoid this, Tile Resurfacing is a good alternative that is cost-effective and economical too. Further, this process prevents the appearance of grout mould and is therefore more hygienic.

Tile Resurfacing

Tile Resurfacing Melbourne

It is a unique technique for repairing and resurfacing the tiles in bathrooms and floors using specific materials exclusively designed for this purpose. The results of this technology weighs heavily on accurate preparation and skilfulness in its application. Only when done with absolute precision, this method can enhance the appearance and ensure long lasting effect. Protiling, Melbourne has the adequate expertise to get optimum results for Tile resurfacing work. We use only top rated products and do not compromise on the quality of our workmanship at any point of time. We are here to provide this service at affordable rates and guaranteed positive results.

Cost-effective Tile Resurfacing Solutions

There is a standard procedure for Tile Resurfacing that is followed by our trained technicians and it is as follows:

We follow all these steps meticulously, down to the finest details, in order to get optimum results and the desired effect.

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Protiling offers attractive and durable Tile Resurfacing solutions, guaranteed to give best results and give your tiles a much-needed makeover.

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Why do you want to spend thousands of dollars on renovating your tiled spaces when you can just get it resurfaced for a fraction of the cost? We are here to resurface it and give you the same end result as desired.

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