Kitchen Tiling

One of the places that should always be in perfect shape is the kitchen.  The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home as it is the place or cooking, and often the gathering spot. When remodeling your kitchen, tiling is often the choice for flooring and countertops. Kitchen Tiling is the work of professionals, and the right choice in your tilers is essential to ensure a statement of beauty that is long lasting. The knowledge of your choice in a tiler should be greatly considered.

Kitchen Tiling

Pro Tiling Melbourne is the leading Tiling Company in Melbourne. We specialise in all kinds of tiling with a focus on kitchen tiling. We have sufficient expertise as well as experience to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our quality of workmanship.  Property owners that choose us for kitchen tiling services are assured of only the best in Tile Installations or Repairs. We undertake a series of steps to ensure that we do an excellent job.

Tiles to be Used– The shape, design and colour of tiles to be used will depend on you. Different kitchen designs would suit different tile designs, and we can offer only advice on the most suitable tile design and shape. In most cases, you should choose tile colours that match with the colours of the counter top finish, cabinets or wall colours. There are also some decorative tiles that can be placed on the floor and this would style up your kitchen. You can also opt for a mixture of colours to provide a unique contrast that is eye-catching. This way, you may have contrasting coloured tiles mixed or have one colour used on the floor while the other on the walls. All in all, we shall do as you ask no matter how you want to decorate your kitchen.

Floor Preparation– The kitchen floor needs to be adequately prepared before the tiles can be installed. First of all, we shall scrub of all the paint on the floor before installing the tiles. Paint does not bond well with the adhesive material used to bond the tiles and the floor and thus to get a good strong bond; all the paint has to be scrubbed off. Next, we shall measure to determine whether the floor is perfectly level or not. Tiling Installations require flat surfaces so that the tiles can sit in perfectly.

Kitchen Tiles Repair– When you need your kitchen tiles to be repaired, then, we are the people to call. Most kitchens do not require a complete re-installation of the tiles but only a few parts. In this case, you also need the services of highly qualified professionals as this can also prove to be quite a challenging task. Tiles Repair require expertise and patience. In most cases, the new tiles don’t blend in with the old tiles when not installed properly. This thus results in the older tiles breaking or coming out.

Kitchen Tiling requires top-notch skills and experience. The tiling should be carried out by a professional who has got adequate experience and expertise. Such professionals are found at Pro Tiling Melbourne, and we guarantee excellent service. Get in touch with us by filing our online contact Form or call us today on 0450 516 537 and we shall be happy to serve you.

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