Ceramic Tiles- Get The Ceramic Tile Advantage

Ceramic tiles are a common and popular type of tiles used in Residential Tiling. They are durable and offers long-lasting protection for walls and floors of your home. Particularly for tiling in bathrooms and other wet areas in the house, ceramic tiles are a good choice. It is also extremely light on the pocket as compared to flooring like hardwood. At Protiling, Melbourne we offer a wide range of ceramic tiles in varying sizes, textures, designs and finish. If you are looking for a dependable tiling and flooring specialist, contact us for high quality and affordable deals.

Why choose Ceramic Tiles?

Durability Factor

Ceramic tiles are highly durable and can withstand weight of furniture without getting damaged. Due to their tough nature, they are efficient in tackling challenges like high traffic zones in the house, scratching and stomping by pets and children etc. They are very difficult to crack or be damaged easily. If maintained properly, a good Ceramic Flooring installation can last for up to 20 years, which means you save a lot of money and time on Tile Replacement and other maintenance.

Keeps away Allergens

Ceramic tiles are very hard and solid, hence do not tend to attract allergens, dirt and dust. Dust and debris can be easily spotted when they settle down on Ceramic floor, making it easier for it to be wiped off or mopped. Its dust-resistance makes this tile especially suitable for people suffering from asthma.

Pocket-friendly option

Ceramic Tiles usually cost around $5-$10 per square foot with numbers varying for bargain purchases and high-quality products. It is cheaper than hardwood and its durability adds to the cost- effectiveness.

Variety in Designs:

With the modern advances in Tile manufacturing technology, it is now possible to obtain a great variety in ceramic tile designs by pattern mix and match, accenting it with motifs and other printable and so on. It is also possible to change the shape of the tile by cutting them into triangles, squares or any other desired shape. The design possibilities are numerous and this makes it a great choice for home owners to get the desired Tile flooring look.

Low Maintenance:

These tiles do not need much maintenance and are easy to clean. Stains, dust or dirt can be easily wiped off with a mop or sponge. Regular sweeping or vacuuming will keep it dust free and free of allergens. Tough stains can be removed using heavy duty cleaning products without leaving any negative effect on the tiles.

With so many advantages, it is high time for you to choose a good Ceramic Tile Flooring option. 

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Ceramic Tiles- Get The Ceramic Tile Advantage Ceramic Tiles- Get The Ceramic Tile Advantage
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