Tiles Installation

Proper tile installation requires the input of professionals. With a quality tile installation, you can be assured that your floors will add the elegance and beauty to your home that lasts. For this reason, professional tilers are essential. There is plenty of DIY information on the internet, but the process of tile installation is quite harder than it seems. Pro Tiling Melbourne offers the best Tiling Services in Melbourne, with a guarantee that the tiles we have installed will last for a very long time.

Tiles Installation

Tile Installation Procedure

Pro Tiling Melbourne provides our customers with with quality services that begin with an assessment of your floor. For older houses built in the years before 1970, we will look for any traces of asbestos as asbestos was used quite often in construction in years past. Medical research has proved asbestos to be quite harmful when disturbed as the fibres get into the air causing lung cancer. We shall, therefore, take precautions to ensure that no one breathes these harmful fibres.

Foundation Assessment– This is the next step that we shall take prior to installing the tiles. Ceramic tiles are predominantly used nowadays and depending on the type of tile that you have chosen; we shall assess whether or not the foundation is suitable to hold the tiles. There are some foundations such as concrete foundation which are suitable for Ceramic Tiles while others such as plywood, OSB, and hardwood floors are not suitable for ceramic tiling.

Floor Preparation– This is the most critical step in tile installation. The floor has to be prepared adequately so that the tiles can sit in perfectly. Poorly prepared floors will not hold the tiles for long and sooner or later, the tiles will start coming of. In case you have plywood on the floor, and you would like to install ceramic tiles, then, we shall put a membrane between the plywood and the ceramic tiles. This membrane will prevent any moisture from getting to the plywood and hence preventing rot. After the installed membrane is dried, we shall use a latex bonding material between the ceramic tiles and the membrane. This ensures that the tiles are firmly held and won’t come off.

Fixtures and Fittings– Not all floors are open and flat. Some places, for example, the bathroom, need extra work before tile installation. The toilet bowl, trim moulding, and toilet gasket all have to be removed. This work also requires expertise so as to remove the fixtures without any damage. After tiling, the fixtures will need to be installed again very carefully as well as installing a new wax gasket so as to prevent any leakages.

Door Thresholds and Height– When installing tiles for the first time, the floor height will be affected. Therefore, the door might not be able to open or close, and this would require trimming.

Tile Installation– Installing tiles on direct concrete also requires a little preparation. First of all, we shall check to ensure that there isn’t any paint on the floor. If there is some this will have to be removed. Secondly, we shall check that the floor is perfectly level. We shall also ensure that the floor is rough so that it can bond well with the tiles. We shall apply thin set bond on the floor and the underside of the ceramic tiles. Thinset bond dries up pretty first, and in a few hours, your floor will be ready for use.

We guarantee top-notch professional services at all times. We deal with Commercial, Residential and Industrial premises in Melbourne. Get in touch with Pro Tiling Melbourne, and we shall be glad to serve you.

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