The Guide On How to Grouting pavers around pool

Posted On June 24th, 2022

For the most outstanding results, thorough installation, including grouting and sealing, is suggested regardless of your choice for Grouting Pool Pavers. When it comes to tying tiles and copings together, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Here’s A Complete Guide On How to Grouting pavers around the pool

Step 1: Make a mark on the coping and cut it out.

Place the pavers 40mm overhanging the pool shell. Mark cut lines on both pavers by overlapping every second and halving the overlap. Cut the pavers and replace them using a wet brick saw to ensure proper alignment.

Step 2: Apply the adhesive evenly.

Lay a narrow mortar bed at the pool’s edge, then spread adhesive around the circumference with a 10mm notched trowel. Apply enough glue to install three pavers at a time, somewhat more comprehensive than the width of a paver.

Step 3: Lay the coping and carefully place each paver on the adhesive, verifying for parallel joint alignment and overhang. Make sure each paver is slightly away from the pool with a spirit level.

Step 4: Complete the joints.

Use a wet sand and cement mix to grout the joints, leaving an unfilled expansion junction every 2 metres. Mask off the expansion joints’ borders, then massage a bead of silicone into each junction with a soapy finger.

Step 5: Screed the sand

Set string lines at the finished paving height and screed rails 35mm below them. Pull a screed board across the sand surface to level the sand surface, remove the rails, and fill the channels with sand.

Step 6: Draw your laying lines

Set perpendicular string lines at both ends of the paved area to allow full pavers to fit against the house wall and step. To ensure they’re square, use a builder’s square or the 3-4-5 method.

Step 7: Begin laying the pavers.

Lay a lead row of Grouting Pool Pavers following the string lines, then proceed backwards from this row to lay the adjacent rows of pavers, leaving a minimum space of 2mm between each row. Using a rubber mallet, compact the pavers.

Step 8: Make a cut list.

Measure each gap to be filled, then transfer the measurement to a paver, using a straightedge or spirit level to mark the cut lines. For easy replacement, number each cut paver and the appropriate position on the whole adjacent paver.

Step 9: Prepare the pavers for installation.

Cut the Grouting Pool Pavers with a wet brick saw with a segmented diamond blade while wearing a raincoat and full protective gear. Install the pavers, edge them with a wet mortar mix and grout the entire surface.


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