Ideas to renovate your home successfully

Posted On May 10th, 2016
Renovate your home
  • Firstly, identify a feature Tile and think of where you are going to use it. The placement should depend upon its functionality and visual appeal, as it is going to act as a focal point of that room. It can also be used to demarcate certain areas in a room like the shower area or a kitchen wall.
  • Prior to Tile Renovation, it is highly recommended to consult a qualified professional for their expert opinions.
  • Plan out your budget before commencing a renovation project, so that you know your limits and do not stray far away from your budget. However, do not use cheap products for your renovation project, as it may affect the quality adversely and the owner may have to replace the tiles in a couple of years.
  • Be practical while renovating, and think of the functionality of the tile in question. The design should be functional and so should be its layout and implementation.
  • Consider various scenarios before you plan the tile layout. This is the best time to think of finer details like accessories and additional fixtures like bathroom railings, washbasins or work tops in the kitchen.
  • Be innovative when it comes to choosing the material of tile, its shape, pattern and colour. It does not have to be monotonous and boring, but can instead add an overall fresh effect to the room. Tiles have a huge impact on the appearance of any room and hence should be chosen and installed carefully.
  • Make sure to do proper sealing and waterproofing of tiles especially in the Shower, Kitchen and Balcony areas.
  • With so many possibilities of tile designs, choosing the right one for you can be quite overwhelming. If you want the timeless elegance, opt for contemporary or traditional designs.
  • Make maximum use of even small spaces while doing Tile Renovations. Think of clever décor and storage tricks to save space and increase functionality.
  • While renovating your Kitchen Tiles, use tiles that are stain resistant and moisture resistant. This will be especially useful in case of splashbacks in the kitchen.
  • Watch out for the latest tile trends, so that you are in tune with the times and can apply that knowledge while renovating your home.
  • Choose simple, yet elegant and stylish designs, instead of choosing elaborate designs that needs a lot of time for Installation, Maintenance and Repair. Tiles should essentially have beautiful designs, patterns, shapes, textures and colours to increase its investment value and future potential.

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