There Is No Substitute For Experience When Hiring A Tiler In Melbourne

Posted On September 23rd, 2019

You only notice a tiling job when it goes wrong. Which is why, if you’re looking to Tile your bathroom or home, you should only ever award the job to someone who is qualified to do it. When it comes to choosing a Tiler in Melbourne, a qualification you can always trust is experience. Because of the one thing it never does – and that is – let you down.

Pro Tiling is a Floor Tiler in Melbourne – what we floor our customers with: the quality of our work and service.

What 10 years of tiling floors in Melbourne has taught Pro Tiling Melbourne?

The best place you can be is your hands and knees. Tiling is hard work but it’s also rewarding work. The greatest reward – the sight of a job well done.

Melbourne’s No. 1 Tiling Service, our experience and our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction are what have led us to consistently win tiling contracts for residential and commercial properties across Melbourne.

Experienced Tiler

We give every tiling project we work on the same special attention, love and care

TLC (tender loving care) is not what you would associate a tiler or a tiling company in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia to possess. Yet, this is what we are known most, for, by our clients.

So, if you’re looking for a tiler who cares about their work – making a statement with it – do. Give Pro Tiling Melbourne a call on 0450 516 537.

What 10 years of experience have taught us is that perfection is something you can achieve if you try – hard enough.

Tiling is not for the novice or the uninitiated

It is hard work. If you get your grout wrong, it’s all over, red rover. Which makes the Novice ask – what is Grout? It is the filler you place between your tiles as you lay them. When Grouting is done professionally, and well, it gives your floors or walls a crisp, finished look.

It also prevents dirt and debris from getting underneath the tiles, or between them. If this happens, tiles can get easily dislodged and before long, your entire floor may have to be redone.


Trying to cut corners can end up costing you more

When you hire a tiler without examining whether they are qualified by way of experience for the job, you can easily invite unwanted expenditure which you may find yourself forced to incur.

Let’s say, for example, you hire a tiler without the minimum 10 years of experience that go into understanding what makes for a professional bathroom or living room floor or family home driveway. What you risk is a job that’s as half-baked as the credentials of the inexperienced tiler you hired.

What’s worse, if your Tiling company goes out of business, and you experience leaks or other problems even as little as a year or two later, they may not be around to fix them.

Your options from a legal or repair perspective? Zero.

Experience makes the difference in every industry – and tiling is no different

Why choose us folks at Pro Tiling Melbourne? We are honest people who will do what we say we will.

Simple, we listen to what you want, so we are better placed to give it to you. Qualified, our experience ensures we floor you with our work but also – our service!

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