What Is Tile Resurfacing And Its Importance?

Posted On March 11th, 2020

If your bathroom tiles have become dull, dated and unsightly then you are probably worried about the cost of replacing them with new ones. The labour cost of ripping the tiles out, purchasing a whole new set of tiles, choosing the right kind of tiles for your bathroom all over again is all definitely going to add up to an overwhelming cost that you just might not be ready to afford at the moment.

Why Opt for Tile Resurfacing?

However, the unsanitary grout lines are definitely not something you should continue to ignore until you have the money.

This is where Tile Resurfacing or tile refinishing comes into the picture. This process will neither ask you for a lot of time nor empty your wallet. It is the most cost-effective technique that will restore your bathroom tiles in no time! It doesn’t matter how chipped, cracked, filthy, dull, or dated your tiles are. After your tiles have been resurfaced, your bathroom will be unrecognisable with its bright and shiny new outlook. It will be like you had your tiles replaced.


How Tile Resurfacing Works?

It is vital that you do not hire an amateur for Tile Resurfacing because an unprofessionally resurfaced tile’s effects will not last as long nor will it bring out the proper ‘bright’ effect.


After you have chosen the right people for this job, you will notice how the first step is always to deeply clean the entire area after all the loose tiles have been fixed.

Then, the grout lines are worked upon. They are cleaned thoroughly and re-grouted, if the need be, for the perfect finish. The grout lines are then finally sealed. The area is also inspected for any chips, cracks or holes in the tiles and if present, they are fixed.


After all the plumbing fittings have been removed to expose the tiles, the surface is prepared for a longer-lasting effect. The area that does not require resurfacing is covered and a bonding agent is applied to the tiles. Then multiple coats of the surface resurfacing system are applied which is followed by the application of a heat cure.


After the area has been cleaned, you are now free to marvel at the extremely transformative and cost-effective fix for old bathroom tiles.

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